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CEO Of EVOHE Skincare and Author of ‘A Man’s Guide To That Time of The Month’.

Self Nurture Circles | Chinese Tea Ceremony | Guest Speaking, Mens Groups/Mixed Sessions | Movement
Great for Women’s groups, Team Building, Parties, Mums
Always authentic, always relatable, Meghan offers a language and style of communication for any audience.

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]Self Nurture Circle

Self Nurture Circle

Do you crave authentic connection and conversation with a conscious space to nourish in?

A memorable and profound session that inspires authentic connection and a sense of self using EVOHE products and Meghan’s vast collection of Self Nurture tools and tips.

Her warmth and generosity is inspiring and colourful for all ages.

Tea Circle

Chinese Tea Ceremony

Arrive in a space, ‘break the ice’, hold space for reflection time and/or discussion. Tea is truly a truth serum and the tea is so high quality that a sense of euphoria is often felt.

What is a Tea Circle?
‘In the last few years, I have fallen in love with Chinese Tea Ceremony or Gong Fu Cha. Gong Fu is the art of doing something well, to cultivate self-awareness, self-nurturing and ultimately self-love. This is why it makes so much sense to bring Tea Circles into my daily life and most share these with my community.’

This is no ordinary tea though, cost per kg ranges from $400-750!
Think of it as high-end wine tasting – minus the hangover 😉



Amplify intentions and move forward with conscious momentum. Safe and sensory, movement has a profound effect and is a key tool in the Self Nurture Toolkit.

This can also be added onto the Self Nurture Circle or Chinese Tea Ceremony.

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Guest Speaking

At the age of 23, Meghan gave up her life of Range Rovers and diamond rings to live vegan, raw and celibate in the hills of Northern NSW. Since that time Meghan has lived and traded her business EVOHE through a death and a birth!

A few cycles later she has come out the other side of all this with her story. Her life and business balance has found new, fertile ground. Honest and empowered, Meghan offers nothing but what she has learned with a depth of wisdom that truly understands.

Always authentic, always relatable, Meghan speaks to many different audiences and can modify her presentation to suit your themes. Compassion is her focus, nurturing is her tool.

Nurture Through the Cycles

Come on a journey through a womans Moon Cycle and find yourself at the beginning and at the end of it!

For women this is about thriving and being the optimised radiant version of yourself without the baggage.

For men it’s about understanding how you fit in to the mix and how we can all get along better and enjoy each others uniqueness. An experiential event that will be relevant to you no matter where you are at in your life.

This event is not a ‘talk’. It is experiential – it will be relevant to you no matter where you are at in your life.
It will take into account all of your ‘versions’ and ‘colours’ (including the not so pretty ones 😉 You will take home tools and gifts that will continue to give beyond this investment of a 2-hour session.

Skin Consultation

A personalized approach to your skin and care for yourself.
Meghan incorporates her nearly 30 years of experience with skincare and customizes it to
include lifes wisdom. Having been a carer for her husband who passed away, a mother and a
business owner she has a very authentic and compassionate approach.
A conversation about Moisturiser can soon turn into a heart felt sharing about love and life.
It’s more about the hug at the end than the sale of any products 🙂

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