Self Care Discovery Questionnaire

Self Care Discovery

Note from Meg:

If you find yourself on this page, welcome to your Self Care Discovery.

I invite you to settle in and create some dedicated time and space to be with each question.

The questions are for you to connect with your overall state and for me to have a sense of your history and where you are at today.


Please feel free to be as brief or as detailed with your answers as you feel to. 

This is an in depth questionnaire and there may be  moments of discomfort in reflection upon your answers.

You may like to pause between each question and take a breath. 

There is nothing automated or cookie cutter about this process or your individual experience.

Wherever you are at is wherever you are at.

There will be no judgement or prognosis from me.

My offering is to simply meet you with compassion.  


There is no charge for this.  I offer my compassion from a place of overflow.  EVOHE supports me and has supported so many others throughout the years, I am content.


If you would like to set up a short chat after you have completed the questionnaire we can do that and I will offer you a few tools that might come to mind that would be supportive for you in the short term.

We can also discuss further steps if there is a natural opening towards this. From this particular platform I have space for 2 people per season to embark on a 3 month Embody your Essence Journey.  


The first step is to ask is if you are willing to be with yourself wherever you are at today?

Note: You can save you progress by clicking the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the form if you want to continue at a later stage.