A Man's Guide

A Man's Guide

An excellent resource to put out some fires and rebuild those bridges. Since a big chunk of the population are women who bleed, navigating the menstrual mood swing is a valuable resource for all men. Men working with women in their careers or studies, single men open to a relationship, men in long-term relationships, fathers with daughters, men with sisters and female friends or flatmates. 

Since our biology is not going away anytime soon, the book suggests that we embrace the cyclic nature of women and work with it instead of resisting it. This book is filled with honesty, rawness and a bit of necessary humour. No matter where you are at with the women in your life, there is gold to be found here. There are many paths to knowing ourselves and this is a fantastic tool to have in your kit.

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A Man's Guide Testimonials

This stuff is GOLD. I can't express enough how life changing this has been for me and how much I feel it could benefit every man out there to know it!

– James Brown

– James Greenshields

Meghan has written the guide many of us men should have read years ago, had it been available. Far more than just to gain a better understanding of female biology, but to give us the knowledge of how to truly show up in our relationships with women. This deep wisdom allows us to add masculine depth to their cyclical nature and create a whole far more powerful than the sum of the parts. 

– Asher Packman (President of Meditation Australia)

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