Meghan Kurts Forrester

Meghan Kurts Forrester is a mother of a young boy, a widow, CEO and founder of EVOHE Self Care products since 2008 and an Author of 2 books. Her lived experience through births, deaths, business and burnout over the last 30 years has provided Meg with deep insight into herself and our common humanity.

"To make the world a better place by loving ourselves and each other - in the skin we're in" - MKF

About meghan kurts forrester

After experiencing burnout 3 times in her life, Meghans deepest anchors in recovery are based in Self-Care and understanding her Cyclical Nature. Her two  books titled: WTF – A Mans Guide and When Sh*t Gets Real – A Woman’s guide are a resource of her learnings and a collaborative offering from her circle of friendships with men and women. As a result, both of these books are the inspiration for a number of workshops and courses for both men and women across many walks of life.

Meghan shows that through consistent practice of Self Care and Self Connection we can fill our cups and overflow itno the rest of our lives and the greater community.

Meghan has self soothed, recovered and thrived over the years. Her books and the EVOHE products are a collection of what has nourished her over some very bumpy roads in her life. For Meghan, it’s been impossible to separate business from personal and it’s actually what makes life so meaningful for her and those she touches. It’s all about creative self-expression and self-awareness as she navigates her own wilderness. Her family life and friendships are rich with meaningful connections, she experiences a work-life balance and enjoys the pleasure of being a woman.

Meghan also facilitates:
Mental Health First Aid | Embodiment Practices to support the nervous system | Self Care Spaces | Gong Fu ha Tea Ritual

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