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Meghan Kurts Forrester

Raw and Relatable with just the right amount of humour. Meghan takes us on a journey of many paths into discovering ourselves and each other. Over speed bumps and a bit 'off-road' at times she explores the 'ugly side' which turns out to be the very nature of recovering ourselves.

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We are all feeling it, the struggle to maintain what is being asked of us in our current circumstances. How can we grow our capacity to reach for the lives we want to live, if we are barely surviving the day? Saying “yes” when we mean “no” and ignoring our bodies screaming at us is like a ticking bomb. Burnout is no longer an ‘if’, but a ‘when’.

WSGR is a collection of lived wisdom by everyday people who have recovered in many ways themselves and are preventing burnout in their own lives.

(NB – also awesome for Men to read 🙂

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Since a big chunk of the population are people who bleed ‘on the monthly’, navigating the menstrual mood swing is a valuable resource for everyone.

Working or studying alongside women Couples in new or long term relationships. Fathers with daughters. Men with sisters, female friends and flatmates. It’s the ultimate guide to gaining deeper connection and to simply get along better with the women in your life.

(NB – also awesome for Women to read 🙂

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With her expertise in self care/nurture, Meghan Kurts Forrester has a large library of free resources to share with you – from a self care ebook packed with self nurture tips and tricks, to a Toilet Cubicle Meditation poster to unwind and relax with the tools to help you do so, no matter where you are.

Recovery from burnout is possible with the right tools and advice to get you there. Download your FREE resources today and start your journey to recovery!


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