EVOHE Colours Blush


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Soft, rosy highlights for cheeks.



– 100% pure minerals
– Australian white clay base
– No nano, talc, fillers, bismuth, preservatives or binders
– Coverage can be adjusted to be natural or more full-coverage
– Suitable for all skin types including acne and breakout prone
– Gentle on sensitive skin
– Suitable for men & women
– High natural SPF


FAIRER THAN FAIR Best suited for pale complexions
FAIR Best suited for light complexions
IN-BETWEEN Suits complexions in-between fair & medium
MEDIUM Suits most skin tones, giving a warm & healthy glow
OLIVE Suited to olive tones
MOCHA Suited to darker complexions
BLUSH Soft rosy highlights for cheeks, lids and brow
BRONZE Earthy, sun-kissed highlights for cheeks, lids & brow

*all colours are mixed with the Omega 3.6.9 oil in the example picture

EVOHE Colours vs. ‘ready-made bottled foundation’

Often binders, preservatives and stabilisers are used in ‘ready-made bottled’ foundation. With EVOHE Colours you have just pure minerals, and pure oils, NOTHING else.


Step 1 One pump of Omega 3.6.9 in the palm of your hand

Step 2 Add a sprinkle EVOHE Colours powder

Step 3 Using your fingertips, blend the powder and liquid together. Apply to your face by gently massaging/blending into the skin.

The result is a dewy, sun-kissed, natural glow! EVOHE Colours foundation can also be mixed with our Moisture Lite (for a matte finish) or Repair Intensive (perfect for inflamed, sensitive or acne prone skin).

EVOHE Colours can also be applied dry as a powder foundation. There are no rules with EVOHE – just choose what feels right for you!

Suitable for all skin tones and inflamed/acne prone skin

Acne or inflamed skin conditions enjoy great results from blending the powder with Repair Intensive which sits nicely around an area of breakout while most foundations will ‘cake’ around the affected areas. A small amount of Omega 369 with the Repair Intensive allows for easier blending and is also a great combination for wound healing. Acne should be treated like a wound and this will help to avoid scarring. The Repair Intensive contains potent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory herbs.

Multiple Applications and Product Information

We recommend blending EVOHE Colours with the following EVOHE products:

Omega 3.6.9 – general use (for the ‘EVOHE glow’).
Repair Intensive – for inflamed skin prone to breakouts.
Moisture Lite – matte look and tinted moisturiser
Omega Body – blend bronze with Omega Body and apply. You will be impressed by how natural and sun-kissed the finish is.
We recommend using one pump of the above products. Adjust the desired coverage with more or less powder. More powder = more coverage.

Mix your own concealer, using Fair or In-Between, with your chosen combination of Moisture Lite, Mist, Omega 3.6.9 or Repair Intensive to make a paste or sticky like texture to pat over dark circles or blemishes. Can also be used to conceal tattoos, birthmarks and scars. Then apply your foundation mix to rest of face.

Dry powder application: EVOHE Colours Mineral Powder can be applied dry, however, do not use too much powder as this can create a dry powdery look. Mineral Powder should be embedded in the brush, NOT sitting on the surface of the brush. Tap the brush to remove excess. DO NOT blow on the brush, as this is not hygienic.

TIP! Always start with a smooth, clean canvas. Use Silica Mask 1-3 times per week to keep a perfectly smooth base for your foundation.


 *Indicates Certified Organic Ingredients: 

*Organic Kaolin clay, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, +/- Iron Oxides, Ultramarine Blue, Tin Oxide.

*Patch test before use, do not ingest, use within 24 months of opening.

** Please note – The container we are currently using for this product is made from materials that are unlikely to be recycled through your regular recyclable management system. We are in the process of changing the material to something more environmentally friendly which we are really excited about. We will be offering a solution very shortly in order to make sure your container (once finished with) gets to an appropriate recycling facility and repurposed.
If recycling this container is important to you, we would like to encourage you to join EVOSAY – our online community so
it is easy for us to contact you with our solution.
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3 reviews for EVOHE Colours Blush

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    This blush is the perfect colour! So nice and rosey, not too much.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    So cute, pretty and feels lovely on. Not cakey or over shiny.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mary S.

    In Bali now and love on suntanned skin

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