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The Spotless Pack is a simple, skin clearing regime infused with active botanicals and antibacterial properties to treat blemishes and promote brighter, clearer skin naturally.

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60ml Foam Wash, 100ml Silica Mask, 100ml Repair Intensive
Bonus: Clear Skin Booklet, 10ml Omega 3.6.9, 15ml Mist


3 simple steps

Step 1: Foam Wash
Gentle, effective cleanser. Does not strip the natural oils of the skin.

Step 2: Silica Mask
Gentle skin refining mask and exfoliator in one. Delivering essential building blocks for skin health and vitality

Step 3: Repair Intensive
Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory moisturiser. Soothing relief for inflamed skin. Use with EVOHE Colours mineral powder as a tinted moisturiser with sun protection.

Tips & Benefits

Foam Wash
– Leaves skin clear and toned
– Doesn’t strip away natural oils from skin
– Beneficial for all skin types
– Effective at removing make up
– Use as face wash, hand wash or body wash
– Use as shampoo or shaving cream
– Can be used as a bath wash for baby.

Silica Mask
– Apply to dry skin and leave for 15 minutes before massaging and rinsing off
– Can be used as an overnight spot treatment
– Great for uneven skin tone
– Gently buffs away dead skin cells
– Allows moisture to hydrate skin effectively

Repair Intensive
– Excellent for treating acne
– Great for bites, stings and prickly skin irritations
– Use for sunburn and healing peeling skin
– Can be used on sensitive skin areas including the genitals
– For external treatment of thrush
– Combine with EVOHE Colours for an anti-bacterial foundation

Bonus Gifts:
Omega 3.6.9
– Use morning and evening as a daily hydrating treatment
– Use with EVOHE Moisture Lite or EVOHE Repair Intensive for deeper skin nourishment
– Use with EVOHE Colours Mineral Powder for a dewy finish
– Great for burns and scars once the initial wound has healed over
– Helps address signs of aging

Apply morning or evening alone or combined with Repair Intensive depending on how your skin feels and what it needs. We find in cooler weather or for those in air con/ heating a combination of Repair Intensive and Omega 3.6.9 works wonders.

– Spray before moisturising and after make up
– Calming and soothing as a spray for children and babies
– Great for after exercise to cool down
– Ideal travel companion
– Use on face and body as desired


For ingredients see full sized product links above.

Patch test before use. Nut oil free. Vegan-friendly. Do not ingest. Store between 15ºC – 30ºC. Use within 12 months of opening. Please leave overcap on when not in use.


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9 reviews for Spotless Value Pack

  1. Tyson

    My skin was very inflammed and excessively oily. Once I started using the spotless pack and got into a good cleansing routine, my skin really calmed down and stopped producing so much oil. I found the 3.6.9 Omega to be very helpful in calming my skin. Thanks Evohe for this fantastic product!

  2. Amanda

    I have been using the silica mask and 369 omega from the spotless pack consistently and this has reduced my old acne scarring to near invisible!!

  3. Leigh

    I absolutely love my new products. Smell amazing and my skin feels so clean and fresh. My husband even commented on how great it looks.

  4. Sheena

    Love the Evohe products in this pack. They have left my skin, clearer, smooth and so soft! Absolutely love the results!

  5. kim_vd

    This pack was my very first purchase and I’m so happy with it love and use every product daily . Such great value .

  6. Danielle D.

    Been buying this pack for years, love Repair Intensive and the Mask, have even slept in the mask accidentally, lol. My face was very soft, not even feeling dry in the morning like I expected. the bamboo wash cloth many many and some have almost disintegrated into house cleaning cloths ; )

  7. Annie

    Really happy to have finally found a skincare range that actually exceeds expectations. Everything feels/smells amazing and this pack and the full size omega 3.6.9 will last me ages. Also the 2 free testers are awesome! Great value for money for an exceptional product ♡ I’ll be an EVOHE customer for life ♡

  8. Shaakira A.

    Evohe make amazing products, I especially love the creams and masks.

  9. Holly F.

    I was originally just going to get the repair intensive cream & the face wash but so happy I got the pack, so glad I got to try all the products I honestly love them all

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