We are all feeling it, the struggle to maintain what is being asked of us in our current circumstances. How can we grow our capacity to reach for the lives we want to live, if we are barely surviving the day? Saying “yes” when we mean “no” and ignoring our bodies screaming at us is like a ticking bomb. Burnout is no longer an ‘if’, but a ‘when’.

WSGR is a collection of lived wisdom by everyday people who have recovered in many ways themselves and are preventing burnout in their own lives.

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WSGR gives you choices and clear pathways to recover from the pandemic of burnout that we experience in our culture today. It’s less about words and more about experience, with activities, assignments, colouring-in, and stories of common humanity. 


“It’s not natural to push yourself to breaking point and yet so many people seem to be doing it because they think they have no choice”.
– Meghan Kurts (Author)

When Sh*t Gets Real Testimonials

“Amazing. Incredibly relatable. Inspiring & so honest. I love it.”
– Andree

“I love the book!!!! I dived in!”
– Carola

“When Shit Get’s Real has helped me navigate the messy path of life and has supported my family and relationships in so many ways. I hope you enjoy WSRG as much as I have and still am on a
daily basis. A huge congratulations and thank you to Meg for this amazing life manual.”
– Anita

– Moira

– Chris Vidal


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