5 Hot Tips for Unruly Locks

1. Embrace the curl! Don’t brush it. If it’s really out of control and starts dreading, brush or comb when wet with conditioner, never dry.

2. Use a Omega Body on the tips of your hair…and LOTS of it.

3. Scrunch dry using a hair dryer only on the roots. The less you handle your hair the better…especially during the drying process. This guarantees the strands of hair will stay together, creating ringlets and sweeping curls, rather than voluminous craziness.

4. One pump of Omega Body rubbed into hands and then scrunched into the ends will provide lots of nourishment – especially as curly hair tends to dry out easier than straight hair.

5. Use Body Mist and sweep through hair in between washes for out of control fly-aways.

Our resident curly heads also recommend only shampooing the hair a couple times a month, instead rinsing the hair and scalp every other day (or every day in Summer and after heavy exercise) being sure to condition the ends often. This will allow your scalp and hair to maintain its natural balance and keep the hair in tip top condition with minimal interference!

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