Valentine’s Day Vibes for Couples & Singles

February 14th is a day to ditch those oversized knickers, have some fun and feel the feels! Whilst Valentine’s Day can sometimes feel a bit commercial and overhyped, at EVOHE we like to think of it as a day to nurture our relationships (with self and others) and to connect with our hearts and deepest desires. 

On Valentine’s Day some of us will be nursing a broken heart – a wound that may be fresh and raw or older and lingering. That can make this day really challenging and you may find that you need to spend some time healing and nurturing your heart and soul.

Whether you’re dating, married, single or nursing a broken heart, our EVOHE Valentine’s ninjas have come up with gift ideas, games and self-care practices to help you have a perfect day.


“Our soul is like a soft and gentle flower, it needs to be nurtured, cared for and tended to, with sufficient sunlight, fresh air and freedom to bloom into its most precious and beautiful form. This, my friend, is self-love” – Miya Yamanouchi

♥ Pleasure Time – Treat yourself to a special toy and have some V-Day fun! If you’re new to self-pleasure toys, you can take this quick quiz to find your perfect one! 


♥ Pamper Time – Treat yourself to a gorgeous candlelit bubble bath and add in a few drops of essential oil. Slip into a comfy robe, put on a gorgeous face mask, flick on your favourite rom-com and have a perfect night in! Have you ever tried vulva or yoni steaming? It’s a beautiful, sacred herbal healing practice that will deeply connect you with your feminine essence. You can learn more about it here.

♥ Party Time – Single or solo on Valentine’s Day? Invite your single friends over and have an awesome Valentine’s Day party complete with chocolate coated strawberries, Beyonce ballads and strawberry margaritas. You never know, by the end of the night cupid might even work his magic! 😉

♥ Plant Time Plants have incredible powers to heal and centre us. Buy yourself a gorgeous plant that you can nurture and tend to. Sit in nature and soak in the beauty of Mother Earth. Pick yourself some beautiful flowers. You can even take your plants as nourishing healing teas and tonics.



“They step into each other and it’s hard to tell where one begins and one ends: hands in hair and warmth on warmth” – Lauren Groff

♥ Cheeky Time Play strip poker, nude twister or let the creative juices flow with some vegan chocolate body painting! Create a romantic treasure hunt with love note clues. The treasure at the end might be a gorgeous garden picnic or you wrapped up in a shiny bow!

♥ Carnal Time – Dim the lights, share your deepest fantasies and desires and get a little Amorous! Want to add some toys into the mix? Get some inspiration at Onna. Is sexy lingeries more your thing? We LOVE the sustainable, ethical range by Byron Bay’s Kultcha Collective. You deserve to look and feel aaaahhhh-mazing!

♥ Connection Time – Enhance your closeness and connection with online relationship books like When Sh*t Gets Real, The Way of the Superior Man and Secrets to a Passionate Marriage and free online resources like the Gottman Institute, Cam Fraser and Lorin Krenn. Read each other the parts that speak to you. Check our Superfeast for some incredible free relationship-building courses and podcasts. Deepen your romantic bond and connection with a game of Yum. Designed by lovers and therapists, this relationship maintenance card game will take your relationship to the next level. Our EVOHE founder Meghan loves this game!

♥ Caressing Time – Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to light some candles and essential oils and give each other a sensual massage with a beautiful oil like Omega Body. Take your time and really connect with your partner’s touch and your body’s sensations.


“The emotion that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it” – Nicholas Sparks

♥ Reading Time – Check out the incredible work by Michaela Boehm work and Esther Perel. These two brilliant women got EVOHE founder Meghan through some of her most challenging life events and heartaches. You’ll appreciate their sage wisdom and advice which can help you to navigate and process your emotions.

♥ Reflection Time – Find a cosy space and curl up with pen and paper. Let all of your thoughts, feelings and emotions spill out onto the page. When you’re finished you might want to burn the pages or file them away – whatever feels right to you.

♥ Reward Time – You and your heart have been through a lot. Treat yourself. It might be a bunch of flowers, a favourite meal, self-pampering time, an ocean swim or a new book. You deserve it. 

Whatever you do this Valentine’s day, make sure that it’s something that feels good and that you LOVE! Happy Valentine’s Day. ♥


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