What is it to be Mindful?

Let me share a bit more…

For me, it’s the little things.  It’s the way I pause before drinking my cup of tea. It’s wearing a bright colour or floral skirt when I’m feeling a bit low in myself.

It’s smiling when someone lets me pass in the supermarket aisle.

It’s the kind internal dialogue I have when I look in the mirror and apply my moisturiser. 

It’s appreciating my hands when I run the bath for my son and noticing his hands growing as he cleans the dirt off them from his latest mud pie caper.




When it comes to business….

I remember years ago a marketing person telling me that “whoever has the biggest budget wins.”

I remember feeling very deflated and knowing that was never going to be me.  

I’ve always felt that the ‘skincare industry’ wasn’t really my place but when I found self care I knew I could shine.

Said marketing guy also told me that whoever has the most authenticity will have longevity in business too.



I decided then and there that authenticity would be my greatest asset and 15 years later EVOHE is still here evolving with me and the times.


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