Africa & Open Arms – Part 3

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is even better! Check out the video below to see some more of Meg’s travels in Africa and if you missed Part 1 & 2 you can read on below… 😀


People told me that Africa would steal my heart. In many ways it did. However I must say, that rather than a piece of my heart being stolen, I feel that a piece of my heart has been healed.

When I breathe in Africa I smell the sunrise, I see poised women with colourful children, I taste the red earth under my dancing feet and I feel primal chants course through my veins….and in the space in-between my breath, a lion approaches.



Magic is in the air here in Africa.

Even me being able to get a ticket to Africa was close to a miracle (that’s another story).

Being able to stay in Swaziland with my dear friends Kat & Karl was an absolute highlight.

A beautiful home in the hills. No Wifi or mod cons. Just simple wholesome living.


Up with the sun, stretching and stillness in their magical garden, outdoor EVOHE showers, daily adventures and then back inside by sundown. Colourful rugs and hand carved furniture. Cooking simple meals of veggie hot pots by candle light, laughter, sharing and a good nights sleep.

This feels like the first real holiday I’ve had in a very long time.

Not having that constant ‘feed’ from my phone and the internet was like a relief to my system that I didn’t know I was craving.

It gave me head space and along with it…heart space.


I travelled to Africa with my new match Michael.


Our love sparked earlier this year and we synchronistically met up in Bali and since that trip we had been busy travelling for work and doing our own thing. I had gone straight from Bali Yoga festival to Sydney Fashion week. Bikini’s and sarongs to high heels and “Sweetie Darling”! There are many sychronisities to the match and connection I feel with Michael and I will share this in my later writings.

The beauty of being in Africa with him was that I could share the love I was feeling on the ‘inside’ with someone on the ‘outside’. I felt lucky even before Mike presented me with a four leaf clover he had found in a patch at the bottom of the garden.


The local markets were an array of colourful sensations, smiles and curiosities.



Bushfire Festival in Swaziland gave us the greatest excuse to “bring our fire”. We played and danced hard under african sunsets.

The African landscape never ceased to capture my attention. It was like being in a storybook.


There was one moment at Kruger national park in South Africa where we had stopped our combi van at a lake. Hippo’s were bathing, eagles were fishing, crocs were crusin and bucks and zebra’s simply grazed. It was an idyllic scene, only to be unlevelled by the grand appearance of a majestic elephant who’s massive tusks gleamed as he came to the waters edge to drink and splash about.


So many times my jaw dropped at the dazzling displays before me.

There were a few rocky ledges where I half expected Simba the lion to make an appearance. Thanks to Karls eagle eye we spied a buck on a ledge, still majestic in his own right.

Giraffe’s in the chase of love was mesmerising as two males vied for the females attention.

Their long graceful necks intertwining as they danced around each other. Right in front of us! Another jaw dropping moment. Kat and I hanging out the combi window laughing in awe of our shared experience.


I held my arms wide open in Africa even though I had heard many hard stories about the country.

I decided that I could carry a feeling of freedom and love with me wherever I go. Hence the headstand at sunrise in the middle of the Kruger.


My love bubble is sustained by my own overflow of love, that way it is strong and sustainable.

I have a habit now of finding the gift and magic wherever I go…even the local Hair & Beauty salon.

I discover with more and more depth that home is where the NOW is and magic is everywhere.

About the Author – Meg Forrester
Founder & CEO Evohe

At some point in her 20’s, while working as a makeup artist and luxury brand manager Meg Forrester gave up her diamond rings and fancy cars and did a complete 180, joining the ‘hippie under a tree’ movement.

Upon meeting her love Chef Baz at age thirty, Meg began to find balance in her life, learning how to bring these two worlds together, maintaining luxury and quality and combining it with earth medicine and self-nurturing.

EVOHE (meaning celebration of life) was born in 2007 and thrived on the momentum of Meg & Baz’s love & passion.

EVOHE skincare formulations and founding business principals are a work of art – based on integrity & personal lifestyle choices.

EVOHE represents and holds space for an emerging paradigm in business where ALL benefit.

In 2014 Baz passed away after a long illness and Meg was faced with the challenge of flying solo and running the business on her own. Through this Meg has learned that at the heart of celebrating life in all its extremes is self worth. The many lessons from the love the two shared are infused into what EVOHE stands for and along with Celebration of Life, in this new chapter comes Self Nurturing.

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