Beauty Trend – Lip Gloss for Glossy Eyes

Lip gloss can be a very versatile product, especially when it has a little tint. Not only can they be used on cheeks as blush (which a lot of companies now advertise) they can be used on eyes as well!

Something to consider is that the lip gloss has to be as natural as possible to avoid any irritation on sensitive eyes – so make sure you test before wearing it out on a big night and ending up with sore eyes.

Wet look lids have been in fashion and appearing all over international catwalk shows from New York to Milan. However…they are not a new concept! Glossy lids have been a thing since the days of silent movies. Stars would use Vaseline on their lids to catch the light on camera giving them the ultimate movie-star stare.

It’s best to avoid pinks and reds on the eyes as they can make your eyes look tired, instead opt for a nice nude or beige colour. Pair this with some black eyeliner and plenty of mascara (make sure its waterproof though!) and you’ll have eyes to mesmerise.

The only thing to remember is that a glossy eye is high-maintenance. As it is a gloss, it will move into the creases of your eyes as you blink, so the occasional smoothing with your finger is necessary – however we think it’s a small price to pay for a gaze worthy of a movie star!

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