5 Travel Beauty Tips!

The summer holidays are fast approaching! Will you be doing any traveling this season? If so, make sure you read through this guide of beauty travel tips!

TIP #1: Wear sunscreen

Ok, so we know this is kind of obvious but it’s an absolute essential!! If you’re jet-setting to a sunny destination then make sure you pack an SPF. Now as many of you may know, most sunscreens are full of chemicals so keep your skin happy and healthy by opting for a natural alternative.


TIP #2: Pack a hydrating mist

A hydrating mist such as EVOHE Mist is fantastic to bring travelling with you! Skin can easily become dry and dehydrated when travelling – especially when on long lane trips. Also think, hot and humid temperatures and being stuck on a bus…a cooling spray would be heaven on earth! If you’re out and about, make sure you pack a Mist into your luggage/handbag and spritz regularly.


TIP #3: Drink up!

Water, that is! While holidaying, you might be drinking alcohol and exposing your skin to sun. Both factors can dramatically dehydrate your skin. Make sure you stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and taking a water bottle with you wherever you go. This will also keep your skin LOOKING bright and healthy. There’s nothing worst than tired, dehydrated looking skin in your holiday snaps!


TIP #4: Pack a nourishing lip gloss

To give lips colour that will last through your trip, skip the long-lasting lipsticks – they’ll only dehydrate your lips. Instead use a hydrating lip balm or gloss with a little tint. You can even mix a bit of Omega 3.6.9 oil with a little bit of mineral blush to give you a moisturising lip gloss!

Reapply the gloss throughout the trip and your lips will look “just-made-up” fresh.


TIP #5: Chill out puffy eyes

To reduce under-eye puffiness after a long trip, place elluminate Face & Eye Serum in the fridge and then apply it under and around your eyes. It’s an automatic wake-up call that makes you look and feel immediately fresher!



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