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Celebrity and EVOHE lover, Jesinta Campbell (Franklin) wrote a post about our Omega Body and her passion for EVOHE. Here’s what she wrote:

Beauty product of the week!

The EVOHE philosophy is to celebrate life and live in balance – abundantly, consciously and in relationship with the earth.

“Evohe was first bought to my attention about 6 months ago and ever since I have started using it I have fallen in love with the products! EVOHE is an organic skincare range which is Australian made with certified organic ingredients and not only is this product beautiful to use, it is made with sustainable Fair Trade ingredients. In another post I will talk about the product a little more in depth but for now I want to focus on my #1 beauty product for summer!!

When the weather starts to warm up and we say goodbye to winter the first thing I do is start to get outdoors as often as I can. On my days off you’ll find me at the beach. But I find is that my skin tends to get rather dry especially after a day at the beach in the salt water, which is one of the reasons why I love the EVOHE Omega body oil. Every night after I shower I pump a few drops into my hands and apply it all over body…the trick is not to dry your skin completely, you still want a little bit of moisture so the oil goes further. Not only does it feel luxurious it gives your skin a beautiful glow! Because of the dewy glow it gives my skin, I’ll often apply some before an event for that extra touch or apply it before a swimwear shoot…it beats any moisturiser I’ve ever used.

My favourite thing about all EVOHE products, is that there are no nasty preservatives or ingredients so you know that your skin is soaking up natural goodness. This particular oil is rich in omegas and is made with an infusion of pure arctic cloudberry and brazil nut oils. Not only can you use this on your body but you can use it on your face, I apply it once a week as a moisture mask just before bed, my skin loves it!!

JC xx”

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