Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2015 – Behind The Scenes

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Meg's Perspective

Last year I fondly remember psyching myself up to stay upright in my new Christian Louboutin high heels.

Breathing through my nerves and acclimatising to the contrast. My life at home caring for Baz full time to lipstick and runways.

This year I rocked a pair of Stuart Weitzman suede wedge boots that I scored from an op shop for $15.

You could say I was much more relaxed this time around. Having come straight from Bali Yoga Festival to Sydney Fashion week I still had bikini’s and sarongs in my suitcase. Having to transform into false eye lashes and “sweetie darling” felt like too much of a stretch.

I was a little bit concerned about the potential shock to my system.

I had been in a strong practice to treat everyone equally and stay in a space of non judgement and so I realised that here was the perfect place to practice mastery.

The whole ‘non judgement’ thing might sound a little ‘fluffy’ or ‘pie in the sky’ even but I’ve really noticed a difference in myself since Baz’s passing.

My raw experience of unconditional love with him and my understanding of what is truly valuable in life has given me a new attitude towards judging others. I just can’t be bothered. It feels like such a waste of time.

So as much as people were looking me up and down and comparing themselves to the next glamour queen, I stayed neutral.

I greeted everyone with a balanced approach. I didn’t place anyone higher or lower than anyone else and I remained warm and open.

I was bumping in to lovely people and actually having a great time!

And then the proof of “Vibrational Matching” happened.

The wife of a dear friend of Baz’s invited me to join her as her guest at one of the shows.

Little did I know we would be greeted at the door and be given VIP treatment. Ushered to the front row of one of my favourite designers I could barely contain my excitement.


We proceded to 3 other shows with the same treatment. I was peaking and having so much fun.

My friend was more amused by my reaction than the collections, she had done it all before a thousand times.

At one show where the models were all very seriously standing stationary I made it my mission to make one of them smile. It took a little bit of persistence but I did get a little cute smile from Nicole Pollard.


I was having so much fun and was feeling soooooooooo grateful to my friend and she knew it.

Her generosity continued with the offer of “borrowing” her photographer and videographer for some backstage fun. After all I was there to work right? EVOHE makeovers for the 23 + models at Wang Yu Taos Australian debut show.

Did I mention the models were mainly men! Oh my…what fun!

Many of the models were very young and new to the industry. They seemed nervous and were not really getting much focused attention. I could see that backstage at a busy event like this the models become like mannequins in a way and so I decided to connect with them on a more personal level.

8Mixing EVOHE Mineral powder with some Moisture 24/7 I helped them cover a few blemishes here and there and some dark circles while I was at it.

I finished my work with them by applying some EVOHE Harmonie blend to their hands so that they could feel fresh and poised within themselves.

We cracked some jokes and lightened the vibe.

9My backstage videographer asked me if I wanted to do a little speaking piece. I felt weird doing it on my own so I called out to a few of the guys who I had been working with and asked if they wanted to be my ‘backdrop’ 😉

Most of them were hanging around waiting for the show and were more than happy to come and play on camera with me.

We did quite a few takes and had quite a bit of fun.

Now we all follow each other on instagram and I’m sure they remember me as the slightly crazy lady with the oils.

Essentially I realised that we are all the same, we are equal in all our quirky ways. We respond to kindness and love. Authentic human interaction, my highest value.

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