Addressing Acne

Key Points to consider when Addressing Acne and the 3 simple steps EVOHE offers.

By Meg Forrester, EVOHE Founder

Combined with internal health, EVOHE offers a simple, no fuss method for keeping your skin clean and clear.

Three key factors in this three-step routine:

Step 1

Firstly, you should be aware that the products you are washing your face with are not stripping your skin of its natural oil; your skin most likely won’t go into overdrive to compensate. Have you noticed the more you wash your face to get that squeaky clean feeling, the more your skin produces oil? You end up with a shiny face by mid-afternoon. Buy products that encourage your skin to find its natural balance by NOT stripping your skin of its natural sebum. Ensure your foaming cleanser contains gentle surfactants and will not strip your skin but will leave you feeling clean, such as the Foam Wash. The types of foaming cleansers that bubble up are generally the ones that will be likely to strip your skin, so be aware when choosing your foaming cleanser!

Step 2

Secondly, ensure that your skin enjoys true hydration by having a good ph balance in the ingredients of your moisturiser. Vegetable waxes commonly used in skin care tend to be heavy, and form a barrier on the skin, which of course is not great for acne prone skin. What we have noticed, is that often those with acne have dry/dehydrated skin, with large pores that are screaming-out for hydration. Upon further investigation, many of those people had been using alcohol based products to try and ‘clear-up’ the excess oil, which left their skin even drier after washing with a foaming cleanser. Our discovery concludes that hydration of the skin with compatible products, will assist with balancing sebum production and skin vitality. Don’t be afraid to use moisture and oil on acne prone skin – as it is often this that is missing!

Step 3

Thirdly, use a mask such as Silica Mask… for skin ‘magic’. This product has become a ‘best friend’ to so many people out there. Particularly people with breakouts. A good mask will assist with reducing redness and inflammation overnight. As a spot treatment, it is magical. This Silica Mask is gentle enough to use every day and it won’t dry out your skin like many clay products, which result in a breakout. Also ensure you are aware what type of clay is being used in the mask…white clay is a lot more gentle on the skin than the green clay used in most masks as well!


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