Baby Butter Magic by Meg!

As I sit here after a much needed three-hour sleep everything looks rosy again. My body feels like my own again. My smile overflows to my partner and this little bundle snuggled up in-between us.

Such a journey in becoming a mother and father. So much love and consideration of every detail. EVOHE has become the big sister to her new little brother. She has nurtured me in so many ways throughout this experience both during pregnancy, childbirth and now post.

As my tummy grew over the months I offset the itchiness with a regular Face & Body exfoliate followed by generous amounts of Omega Body whilst still damp from my shower. I would then spritz the Body Mist all over my belly. It was a quick and nongreasy alternative before getting dressed.

I have no stretch marks at all and the skin condition on my belly feels natural and like me.

Maybe this is too much information, but I’m compelled to share…I felt completely safe using the Omega 3.6.9 for perineal massage and I’m so glad that I did!

During the birth of our sweet little man, we used copious amounts of Mist. So much soothing and relief for my face, chest, and neck. I also spritz him now from a distance whenever he is a little stressed.

As much as I want to say I have been working on a Baby Butter for all of you and your babies, this product was really created for me. I’ll tell you why…

Due to my desire for a waterbirth and as this is my first baby I was wanting to be prepared to have as much internal and external waterproof protection as possible whilst in the water. I used the Baby Butter and it was great. The natural barrier it provided was obvious and appreciated.

To prepare for any post-birth bleeding, I followed the advice of friends and purchased some “lady nappies” which would apparently be more comfortable and easier than fussing around with pads. Unfortunately, the kind I used gave me a terrible rash and before I knew it I was in all sorts of discomfort from my own nappy rash! Thank goodness I had the very first EVOHE Baby Butter sample with me! What better testimonial could I give than my own 😉

I slathered it on and felt instant relief. Within 24 hours the redness had gone and I was on the mend. In a funny ‘new mum’ kind of way, I was glad it was me with the nappy rash and not my little bubba!

Next stop for this truly amazing product was my little man’s milk rash.

Day three when he started really seriously feeding I noticed some little red spots on his face commonly known as milk rash. Feeling confident from my own experience with the product I dabbed his face gently with the butter.

It smelt so good and clean on his skin. I could see it soothing and creating a protective barrier straight away and by the next day it had cleared up considerably. His skin is looking calm and totally kissable! Now, I’m using the Baby Butter on my nipples to combat the tenderness caused by lots of breastfeeding. It’s comforting to know I can safely use it near his mouth.



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