Quick Tip – Nourish Dry/Dehydrated Skin

  • Compatible hydration is the key. Smothering your skin with heavy vegetable/animal based waxes only provides temporary relief from dryness. Your skin returns to its original dryness and you have to do it all over again the next day…and then the next day. Try Repair Intensive for compatible hydration.
  • The best way to feed your skin is with oils that are of a similar pH to the sebum which our skin products. Ensure your products contain omega rich oils that the skin can recognise and identify with. The skin is only going to rebel against something that doesn’t work with it. Try Omega 3.6.9 for a skin-friendly oil.
  • Before attempting to hydrate you must first ensure that the cleanser you are using isn’t stripping the skin or leaving behind residue.  Congestion caused by residue and dry flaky skin cells inhibit the hydration of the skin forming a barrier – therefore the moisture is not able to soak in! Ensure you exfoliate using EVOHE Face & Body Exfolliant or use Silica Mask to remove this barrier for ultimate hydration.
  • If you find that weather or environmental conditions are amplifying the dryness try using an oil with your usual moisturiser for that extra burst of hydration.
  • It is important to note that when the skin’s pores are open it indicates that the skin is thirsty and is looking for hydration. Often this can be misinterpreted as oily skin to which products are applied to try and close the pores…which only leaves the skin further dehydrated!

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