Self Nurture

Meg Forrester Bali

As we all know, real life often gets pretty busy. Long hours at the office, a packed schedule, plus ever present demands at home. It’s no wonder beauty routines and self-nurturing go out the window!

BUT little do we realise… personal indulgence is VITAL to our health and overall well-being! Taking some time to nurture ourselves, throughout the week, actually helps boost our mood, become more relaxed and energised and significantly reduces stress.

Self nurturing is not a luxury, but rather a responsibility and let me tell you why…

How you feel in the present moment affects the way you are being in the world. When you feel good you are kinder, more patient, more loving and creative. When you are on top of your own world, and settled in your own skin, you have more clarity, make sharper decisions and can trust your intuition. When you feel good you are simply in better service to others.


You have to remember that your gift doesn’t actually belong to you, it belongs to the world, and a part of your responsibility is to make sure that you are in the right condition to stay in an overflow, ready to take on whatever your service is.

Self nurturing doesn’t have to mean an expensive package at the day spa. It can be as simple as washing your hair with more care than usual (including a little scalp massage)! Or what about stopping to appreciate how good it feels to drink a nice big glass of water!

It can be a little extra time spent on massaging your moisturiser into your face each morning and evening, or the way you prepare your lunch for the day. I’ve made my morning cup of tea into a self nurturing ritual and I’m sure the energy of this ripples out into my entire day.


Getting in touch with the earth was the most self nurturing thing I could have done for myself. Lucky my friends are used to my ‘ways’…but hey if you don’t have access to any grass find a way that you can get some earth or water at your feet. A foot bath of salt or magnesium (even bi-carb soda) works wonders!

I’m feeling from my own experience that the greatest value of self nurturing comes from within my daily activities. When I brush my teeth I look into my eyes and see myself with love rather than allowing a dialogue of self criticism about the state of my hair or the lines around my eyes.


Making seemingly mundane moments opportunities for self nurturing is sometimes literally the only way we can fit any self nurturing into our busy days. Eat when you feel hungry, rest when you feel tired, take action when it’s inspired – imagine if we all started following our flow?


Meg Forrester

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