7 Simple Tricks to Sustain Overall Happiness

Your 7 Shortcuts to Happiness:

1. An attitude for Gratitude: By focusing on the things we are grateful for, big or small we can instantly feel better about our lives and often what we bring our attention to grows.

2. Nothing stays the same: We can always guarantee that things move and change. So if we wake up in a grump chances are you may be laughing your head off by the end of the day. Or if you are unhappy with your friendship group, your new best friend is usually just around the corner.

3. Curiosity: When we explore the world and people in it, we can often get out of our mind and into life and reap the benefits. By asking questions and listening to a friend or watching a documentary about someone can help shift our focus from our world to the bigger picture.

4. The gift in Giving: Whether it is making a tea for your mum, helping a friend with their homework or making a beautiful gift for a friend. The art of giving usually gives us a huge level of satisfaction, especially when you know you have made someone smile that day.

5. Focus on the things you are doing well: Sometimes we set goals or dreams without acknowledging that we have achieved them and have arrived where we once longed to be. Give your self a pat on the back for the small and big achievements along your way.

6. Acceptance: Wherever you are at it is ok!!! Don’t be harsh on your self. You can be your own best friend and accept wherever you are at.

7. Fresh air: I know if I look at the ocean or a sunset I automatically feel uplifted. If it is possible a little fresh air, sunshine and a nice outlook can go a long way!

What helps you stay in a positive frame of mind?

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