Summer Skin

EVOHE natural Skin Care

Keeping your skin moisturised in summer is essential. Here are some tips on how you can have your skin glowing and looking fabulous this Summer!


Winter can cause dry and flaky skin, so the first step is to buff away the dead skin cells that have built up, encouraging the release of toxins through the skin with a good exfoliant. Use the EVOHE Face & Body Exfoliant or Espresso Scrub Bar 1-3 times a week. And remember, it is essential to exfoliate to remove dead, dry skin cells to allow your moisturiser to truly hydrate your skin!


Using compatible hydration is the key. Smothering your skin with heavy vegetable/animal based waxes only provides temporary relief from dryness. Your skin simply returns to its dry state and you have to re-do it all over again, still with no results. The best way to feed your skin is with oils that are a similar pH to the sebum which our skin produces. Try the Omega Body or the Omega 3.6.9 for your face.

Also note that when the skins pores are open, it indicates that the skin is ‘thirsty’ and looking for hydration. A common misconception is that this is oily skin, to which astringents are then applied to close the pores…only further dehydrating the skin! It might sounds crazy to put more oil onto oily skin, but often the excess oil is due to the stripping of the natural oils in the first place.

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