An embodiment practice is essential for all when it comes to understanding and navigating your emotions. It’s also an essential key to feeling around and being intimate with our partners. 

Embodiment means that there is an awareness of feeling in the body and from that space, we take our lead and navigate life rather than life and circumstances ruling us.

So many of us are desensitised by life circumstances and cultural pressures that there is a general numbness. For us to feel any sensation, it has to be at a higher level of intensity.

This causes stress on the nervous system and could even be said to be traumatic to the body and heart, especially when someone is unconscious of what their body is truly asking for or needing.

Having a simple embodiment practice assists people to re-sensitise them selves to their bodily sensations and their feelings. From here we can heal old wounds and simply recover from the onslaught we have put our bodies through. It is only then that we can get on with feeling the pleasure and juiciness of being alive in these bodies.

I believe this process requires time and a lot of self-awareness. There is no real short cut, but a skilled Somatic practitioner can certainly assist with both the mental and physical aspects of trauma in our bodies.

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