The Yin & Yang of it all

We each have Yin and Yang qualities within us. Essentially Yin is feminine and Yang is masculine. When it comes to navigating the ups and downs, having this knowledge can come in handy.

Traditionally, a woman may be more Yin skewed whereas a man may be more Yang skewed. This could also go the other way, where a man is more Yin and a woman is more Yang. It also just depends on where and what is happening at the time.

But either way you slice it, for there to be balance, each individual requires both Yin and Yang in a ratio that complements. The chart below comes directly from my interpretation of Toko-pa Turner, Author of Belonging and facilitator at Dreamwork with Toto-pa. She is a source of deep inspiration for me and it is with deep respect and humility that I offer my interpretation here.





The Inner Marriage

There is an interdependent dance – a noble beauty in the pursuit of balance within.

When two beings come together with this intention it complements both parts within the whole and then there is an overflow of the most beautiful kind.

In order for us to fit together in harmony, we have to contain within ourselves a piece of the opposite.

When there is an imbalance within us that is not conscious, we tend to look for that need to be met by a partner – this feeds into all kinds of patterns and conditions.

If you look closely at yourself you will see your own pattern playing out and how you look for deficiencies in yourself to be met by another.

This most often is a recipe for certain failure. You can acknowledge areas that you don’t shine in and can admire that quality in a partner, but it is more of a complement to your already wholeness rather than someone supplementing you.

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