7 Handy Tips to Stay Moisturised 24/7

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We know that moisturising can be complicated. Between oils, creams and everything in-between, knowing when, where and how to moisturise can feel like another language sometimes. And while moisturising isn’t rocket science, there are a few tips and tricks that can make things a little easier and get you better results!


Here are our top 7 handy tips to stay moisturised 24/7:


1. Start with damp skin

Have you always applied your moisturiser to dry skin? It’s a common misconception that you need dry skin to get the full effects of your moisturiser, when actually damp skin can make all the difference! Starting with damp skin allows your moisturiser to spread easier, giving you more coverage and hydration so you’ll need less product to get the same results – here’s to being sustainable. It also assists in helping your moisturiser absorb quicker and more effectively. According to dermatologists, the best time to apply your moisturiser is within 5 minutes after you have showered to reduce the amount of moisture loss. However, if a shower isn’t part of your routine, we recommend using a cloth to gently dampen your face, or use a spritz of facial mist for added hydration and anti-inflammatory benefits. 


2. Use fingertips to apply

Less is more when it comes to moisturising! A pea size or one pump of your favourite moisturiser is usually enough for most people, especially if you’re using the damp skin trick above. To start, spread the product evenly on your fingertips before gently massaging into skin in circular motions. Start from the outside and move towards the inside. Doing this motion encourages higher absorption and also restores a higher concentration of moisture to the parts of your skin that need it the most. A lot of us can relate to having an oilier centre and a drier outer of the face which is why this is an important step. Our top tip for applying moisture though is to use this moisturising time as a bit of a self care ritual. We’re passionate about combining self care and skincare and this is a simple way you can say thank you to yourself. So, dim the lights if you can and take the time to massage your moisturiser into your skin. Focus on your breathing (try 10 big, deep breaths in and out) and the sensations of the massage…and nothing else for 5 minutes. 


3. Adjust your moisturiser for the season

With the weather warming up, there’s no better time to switch to a lighter moisturiser. Due to the added heat, humidity and sweat (eek) during summertime our skin tends to need less moisture. Our recommendation would be switching to our Moisture Lite which provides light and easy coverage with a velvety smooth finish perfect for the Aussie climate. When it cools back down and the dryness starts to set in, your skin needs a little more loving. During Winter opting for something such as an oil like Omega 3.6.9 or a heavier night cream such as the elluminate Night Cream will give your skin an added hydration boost that your skin will be calling out for.

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4. Never skip moisturising (even when your skin feels oily)

Keeping a consistent skincare routine is the key to beautiful hydrated skin and allowing your skin to balance naturally. Disturbing this routine by skipping a step can cause confusion and upset your skin’s overall balance. It’s a common misconception that oily skin doesn’t need more moisture and we know that when your skin is feeling over-hydrated, the last thing you want to do is put more on! But when you miss your moisturiser, it can actually have the opposite effect and cause your skin to overproduce oil to make up for the loss of moisture it is actually experiencing after cleansing that hasn’t been restored.


5. Don’t forget your neck and décolletage

Your neck and décolletage should be viewed as an extension of your face! These areas are one of the first places we experience the signs of aging, so it’s important to take a little extra care and include it in your daily moisturising routine. As a very visible but often neglected part of the body, applying moisturiser morning and night can assist in providing nutrients and hydration to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and pigmentation. As the skin on your neck and décolletage is super delicate, always be careful not to pull or apply too roughly, try using gentle upward sweeping motions instead and remember to let it absorb before getting dressed.


6. Stay sun-safe

Even when it’s cloudy or cooler during Winter, the Aussie sun is still harsh and can do damage to your skin. Not only does it increase the rate of the appearance of aging, but it can leave skin feeling and looking very dry. Adding some sun protection to your daily routine can have long-term benefits for the health and appearance of your skin. Try using a sun safe mineral powder with your daily moisturiser for not only sun protection but added natural coverage for your day as well. Read more about mixing your moisturiser and mineral powder here.

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7. Trust yourself

Although these 6 tips are a great place to start in your moisturising journey, it is important to remember that everybody (and their skin) is different. You know your own self and your own skin and body best, so if you know what works for you, then stick to it. One of our mottos at EVOHE is that there are no rules. This means using the products intuitively, whether that means switching up the order you apply or using the same product for your face and hair, it’s up to you! Read more about our no rules policy here.

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