The ‘Deeper WHY’

EVOHE has always been more than just moisturiser. Meg smiles when she tells the story of when she first started doing EVOHE in-store demonstrations, over 9 years ago.

As she connected with women they would inevitably start talking about moisturiser, and end up talking about everything and anything but!  It would go from work to relationships, love, family and all the challenges and grievances in-between!

“EVOHE has had it’s own personality from the beginning” Meg says, “It’s the personal relationships that have been developed that make EVOHE so much more than ‘just a company selling moisturiser’.

“Moisturiser is simply the Self Nurturing tool that gets you to engage in a relationship with yourself.”  Feeling good in the skin you’re in is what it is all about.

Meg goes on to explain, “When it became clear that Baz was terminally ill, his whole reference to life became all about relationships. He said time and time again ‘All that really matters in this life is the relationships we create with people.’

This legacy lives on at EVOHE and Meg and all of the EVOHE team uphold this value as their own.

“It’s so rewarding to connect authentically and openly with people, many of our dearest friends have come through the EVOHE connection.”

“I feel so lucky that this is my job!  Encouraging and inspiring people to Celebrate Life and Self Nurture…it goes hand in hand!

When you look good, you feel good…and when you feel good, you look good.”

At EVOHE we thrive off encouraging people to feel their best, we hope you get a sense of that and we look forward to the opportunity of connecting with you personally

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