What is the ‘Over Cap’ for?

EVOHE Moisture Lite moisturiser

Our Operations Manager is a pretty smart cookie!

She knows all kinds of handy facts about all kinds of unusual things. The other day, she explained to me the deeper meaning of Over Caps!

Now for those of you who are Foam Wash fans you may have noticed that after some time the pump gets a bit stuck and needs some extra coaxing…

However, if you were to replace the over cap after each use you would experience a very well behaved pump mechanism that works for a much longer period of time – keeping air out of the dispenser is the trick! Oxidation is a real thing – not only for our skin but for the containers our skincare comes in.

Going further into the “meaning of the over cap,” I discovered something fabulous about our 30ml and 100ml caps….at first, they seemed annoying me to me because they would pop up if I didn’t put them on properly, but after speaking to our Operations Manager, I learned how to replace the lids correctly! By applying a bit more pressure to push the plastic outward slightly as I slid it onto the bottle it formed an air-tight vacuum. Ingenious.

All you have to do is squeeze the bottom of the over cap together so that it makes an oval shape, then put the cap on top of the bottle. By applying a bit more pressure to push the plastic outward slightly, it slid onto the bottle it formed an air tight vacuum, effortlessly. Ingenious.

This means that the pump and the product are protected, and you won’t have any issues with the caps popping back up!

I just felt to share that handy tip with you EVOHE lovers.

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