How to: beautify yourself when you’re time poor!

As we all know, real life often gets pretty busy. Long hours at the office, a packed schedule, plus ever present demands at home. It’s no wonder beauty routines and pamper sessions go out the window!!

BUT little do we realise… personal indulgence is VITAL to our health and overall well-being! Taking some time to pamper ourselves, throughout the week, actually helps boost our mood, become more relaxed and energised and significantly reduces stress.

5 seconds – scent!

Never leave the house without applying your favourite scent, it’ll make you feel so much better…promise! Spritz your favourite perfume in front of you and then walk through the mist or do a little twirl 😉 this will give you an all over scent that is not too overpowering…and it’s super quick to do.

8 seconds – lippy!

Apply a tinted lipgloss or balm for a quick splash of colour that will instantly help you look polished and dressed up. Keep one in your handbag or in your car for quick touch ups during the day!

10 seconds – bronze!

For instant luminosity, lightly apply EVOHE Bronze to the T-Section of your face and any other spots that the sun naturally hits. This will give you a natural finish and beautiful, sun-kissed glow in less than 10 seconds!

3 minutes – exfoliate!

Exfoliating your face gently with EVOHE Face and Body Exfoliant removes the dead cells for brighter skin. Regular exfoliation is a requirement and critical step to maintain healthy skin. Did you know moisturisers can’t nourish the skin effectively unless you exfoliate first to buff away those dead skin cells? It can also help to reduce the signs of aging, improve clarity and promote smoothness.

10 minutes – face mask!

Use EVOHE Silica Mask to purify skin texture and firm skin tone, delivering essential building blocks for skin health and vitality. Beneficial for all skin types and perfect for feeling pampered in less than 10 minutes!

20 minutes – aromatherapy bath!

Having a bath using Harmonie Oil blend is the ultimate pampering experience at home. Baths don’t have to be long – 20 minutes is all you need a to unwind, relax, detox and indulge the senses. Choose a scent that promotes harmony and wellbeing for a truly relaxing experience. Ten drops of your favourite oil is all you need in a warm bath for ultimate relaxation.

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