Prepare to Party! New Year’s Eve Beauty Essentials

Make sure you have these makeup essentials to get you through the biggest party of the year!

Mineral Foundation

Ensure you wear a long lasting foundation that will last through the partying. As we know, dancing and partying can cause makeup to sweat off and end up patchy. Use a foundation that is light weight and allows the skin to breathe but has great staying power…and don’t forget to use a primer as a base for extra longevity!

This goes for your eye make up too, ensure that you place a bit of mineral foundation on your eyelid prior to applying colour for extra staying power. Another handy tip is to also brush a little bit of powder on your lower waterline to stop mascara or eyeliner smudging!


Get bronzed up, the natural way! Once you’ve applied your makeup, lightly dust some bronzing powder onto your forehead, nose and cheeks. The ideas is to emphasise the features that receive the most sun. The t-zone area makes a good reference point.

After your face is all bronzed up, try applying some bronzing powder to your body to match! For easy application, mix with a body oil and apply to your body including your chest and shoulders for that bronzed glow!


Can’t forget those rosey cheeks! By now you’d be looking pretty bronzed up but a touch of blush on your cheeks will complete the look. Not too much though and be careful not to drag the brush up and down as this can create a ‘dirty’ look. Just a light dusting on either side will work nicely.

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